Survivor 06 desalinator

I purchased a PUR survivor 06 desalinator of Ebay for a good price, and from talking to vendors found that the 06 doesn’t have issues with the diaphragm needing to be replaced like the Survivor 35 every so many years. While function testing the pump with a salt water mix it works well. However, it does have an entirely different taste. Any user of this product have similar experiences? Or anyone have tips on desalination with the pumps?


I take it no one has any experience with the desalinating then.

Brand new?
Reverse osmosis membranes are shipped from the factory with a

coating of food grade glycerine to prevent damage by freezing.

The coating acts as a moistener to keep the membranes from drying out in transit. If the membranes were to

completely dry out prior to their installation they

could crack and or delaminate, rendering them

useless. Most manufacturers recommend that the

first few gallons of water produced by a new

membrane be discarded because it may contain a

low level of glycerine. Glycerine is harmless and

has a sweet taste. However, it may have some

laxative effects.

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