Susan Conrad

A trip that you might enjoy following is currently in progress and being undertaken by my friend, Susan Conrad. She left Roche Harbor in the San Juans on May 14th bound for Sitka. She paddled up the east side of Vancouver Island to Port Hardy where, this morning, she boarded the Northern Expedition headed to Bella Bella where she will put her kayak back in the water and head north up the Central and North BC coasts. to Prince Rupert. Then Prince Rupert to Sitka.

If her name is familiar you may have read her excellent account of her 2010 solo trip through the Inside Passage, “Inside: One Woman’s Journey Through the Inside Passage”. This isn’t a repeat of the same trip as you might have guessed, based on the ferry ride she is currently taking, and will encompass significant outer coast and Outside Passage route revisions which are lost on Inside Passage route paddlers.

You can follow Susan’s trip on her inReach site: Susan's Pelagic Wanderings

More info on her trip is here presented by Pacific Wild: Susan & Pacific Wild


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