Suspended kayak storage

Just bought my first kayak–14’ Perception Sole. Live in a house with a 2 car (yeah, right!) garage, flat roof–so no real attic space above the beams–no room for a kayak anyway.

My husband doesn’t kayak, but he’s suddenly inspired by my wish to store the kayak near the ceiling beams of the garage. He’s mulling over canvas slings, block and tackle, platform that would slide down or drop down, etc.

My kayak have given him a new handyman project.

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Any commercial products or design plans anyone can recommend?

harken hoist
Harken has a hoist that does the jo0b

if you do decide to make your own…
… here’s the way I accomplished the task.

I obviously had a lot more height to work with, but you might at least get some ideas. Feel free to borrow whatever works and to ask any questions.

The Harken (see above post) is also a very good solution.


Nice setup
I just contracted for a woodshop with 16’ ceilings, I’ll just follow your example.

Your setup looks easy and simple, thanks for sharing.


Nice setup
I just contracted for a woodshop with 16’ ceilings, I’ll just follow your example.

Your setup looks easy and simple, thanks for sharing.


I had mine hanging from the ceiling…
But then I got a taller car. So I stuck 'em to the wall like this:

When they were hanging from the ceiling, I used hooks screwed into joists, with smallish, sturdy chains run through U shaped PVC. Worked great, held three kayaks, but like I said, I got a taller car.

Homemade setup

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6 boats in a standard garage. this is a very simple setup and uses the same tiedown straps that are used to hold the boats to the car rack. I did make the hooks that hold the 1" webbing. and

Similar to Ebanista’s
My system (and boat!) is very similar to Ebanista’s. I do not have the windlass, or the spreader bars though. I use old locking carabiners and long loops of 1 in webbing - cushions roughly as well as 2 inch - and haul the boat up by hand (3:1 advantage), and tie the ropes off to a handy beam. I use 3/8 in solid-braid poly, but I believe 5/16 polyester might be a better choice. Terll your hubby to remember: The simpler the system the fewer things to go wrong.


how did you?

How did you run the lines from the two separate pulleys? Did you have 2 separate reels on the wall or did you tie the two lines togther at some point and then run a single line to the reel?


very nice!
I’ve done my own, but it is not as elegant as yours!

I use 2"
ratchet straps and eye bolts in the rafters. But I can reach the rafters , darn near.

As I look over everybody’s respective rack systems (some are extremely impressive). I would just like to add my 3 cents.

My name is LlamaKeeper and I too have a paddling addiction.



It’s actually two lines all the way…
… to the winch. They each run to the “axle” where they’re knotted through the back disk to start the line. I then adjusted the length at the other end. The picture titled “Winch and Cleat” sort of shows the two lines side by side.


eagles nest boat hoist
I have 3 kayaks, with a 4th on the way. Two of the kayaks are on Eagles Nest Boat hoists, the other on a Harkin. The eagles nest are far superior to the harken, but unfortunately no longer available. It has a winch with a brake, so lifting and lowering is easy. I’d buy some more if I could find them.

Speed record
I posted here late Wed night.

Read about 7 posts Thursday morning.

E-mail my husband from work,to point out some of the methods suggested (his day off today). Figured it would give him something to play with for the next two weeks.

I got home to find my kayak suspended from the ceiling of the garage.

He had it done by 4pm PDST.

Fabric slings and pulleys. Will get the construction details tomorrow when he’s awake.

Thanks! You folks are awewsome!

you have to post pictures!!