SUSPENZ™ Kayak Storage Rack?

When you set the boat into the straps do the rotating pivot arms apply pressure to the kayak? In other words do they make direct contact with the boat? If that was case I worry that over time it would weaken the boat in that spot.

I asked Suspenz directly and Lauri assureed me that as long as the rack was adjusted properly it wouldn’t. She was very nice. So now I am asking owners if hey have had a problem to just be sure. :slight_smile: I am planning to place an order tomorrow. Thanks!

No pressure
The rotating arms do not apply pressure when they are positioned properly and the boats are set more at an angle than flat out. We recently received the suspenz 3 tier rack and put a squamish, tempest and capella on it, and the pivot arms are positioned approx. 2-4 inches in from the end of the bars with the boat set at an approx 45 degree angle with the right amount of slack in the straps. The boats dont touch the pivot arms. We like this unit enough that we have another 3 tier in transit right now!