Hi all, just got my first kayak and am looking for storage options. I will be keeping it in my garage for now, but I rent, so I’d like a non-permanent option. These stands look pretty nice:

Would these be ok for long-term storage, like over the winter. Would I have any issue with hull deformation if the boat were stored right side up (that seems like the position these are intended to work).


Likely fine. if your boat is a sit inside with bulkheads, it may be best to place the stands under the bulkheads, as the bulkheads provide additional strength.

In general, the hulls get deformed if the kayak is pushing too hard into it, such as if the kayak is strapped down too tight or if there is a lot of extra weight on it (like a loaded kayak). Or if it is very hot (90 plus) and the plastic softens (meaning less weight is needed to cause deformation).

I have a set and love them. Not sure if they come in different sizes but the price quoted is a good one. I think I payed a little more for mine. I do hang my kayak from the rafters, however I use these when I’m done paddling to support my boat for a good cleaning. They also make working on your boat easy. I added deck lines and didn’t have to get on my knees. They fold up and don’t take up too much space.

Hull up works as well
This is the second summer I’ve used these stands.

All summer they’ve been on the beach holding an Eddyline Skylark, hull up. Nice little stands and they can be easily positioned under the bulkheads.

Cool, thanks for the advice. Sounds like these are worthwhile. They make a slightly more expensive version that is larger, but I think these will work for my Tsunami 125. I just got it yesterday and am loving it so far =)

Phone home.
Just kidding E.T.

Looks like a good deal for a good product.

Another, and cheaper option
is to visit your local Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity store. I needed another stand for my dock, where I stash my touring boat midweek, so I went looking for odd things that might work.

Found two metal gizmos, 26" long and about one foot high for $3 each. I have no idea what they are; the guy at the Habitat store thought maybe they were some sort of metal window part. A fat pool noodle fits the top strip on each one perfectly (held fast with Gorilla tape), and they’ve worked out wonderfully.

They do look like a bargain and a nice product.

Another option is to buy a pair of cheap folding director-style chairs and remove the backs, or leave them folded down. I got some at a yard sale for $5 each.

Make the same design with 1" pvc pipe for a lot cheaper than $60. That’s what I made for a rack to wash my boats on. Easy.

Pair of these flipped upside down: