Susquehanna near Great Bend PA

Just about anytime once the season gets going. Reply here or send me an email. Dennis

Hi Dennis,

I live in Endicott. I’m interested in paddling sometime this summer.


Great! Just moved from the Upper
Delaware River area. Did a lot of paddling there but have never paddled the Susquehanna. It all depends on getting my boat out here. Is there a River Gauge you use to check the levels?

river levels

Great site, better than USGS. Now, all
I gotta do is get my boat back from Honesdale. What kind of levels are we looking for?

I don’t know about up by you
But I wouldn’t go if it was any higher than 9 feet at Wilkes Barre and it get tough under 3. So maybe just line up from there.

Sounds like we are on the same page,
I’m taking it nice and easy these days. No more runs just under flood stage at least for right now LOL