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Help. Did a archive search but found nothing. I got a Suunto X-Lander for Christmas. This is the Vector with a different housing. I am learning the features but have drawn a complete blank with two things: I can't figure out how to change the altimeter and barometer units. It is set for meters in the Alti mode and mbar in barometer mode. I would like feet and in hg respectively. I cannot find anything in the owner's manual and no combination of pushing buttons seems to get it. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


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Lakes are flat.
You start and end at the same elevation.
-No watch needed.

When the clouds turn dark, rain falls down.
Low pressure.
When there are no clouds, bright sun.
High Pressure.
-No watch needed.

Sun comes up, time to wake.
Sun goes down, time to sleep
-No watch needed.

Topo map in dry map case shows elevation
-No watch needed.

Are we there yet ?
- No
Are we there yet ?
No watch needed.

Why did you need a watch.............

Does this work?

is it this?

I just point mine at something and read off the bearing

That was exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much.

A baromoter is useful…
When traveling in areas where you don’t have access to a weather report, a barometer can help give an indication of what might be happening with the weather as the highs and lows come and go. Good way to determine if its just a quick squall coming through, or a hunker down and don’t bother to take down your camp kind of day.