Suwanee River

Whats the best 50 miles to get in? I only have three days available.

Also a good shuttle service?

Have equipment, need a ride

i’ve done the first approx. 100 miles of the suwannee river and in my opinion the upper river is the most scenic. i’d recommend starting either at the put in at fargo ga. or a bit further upstream at griffis’ fish camp and going down as far as you are able in your time frame. canoe outpost gave me good service with a shuttle. check out lots of information on the river there. -harry

He’s right
Fargo to White Springs is my favorite trip. The time it takes to paddle this distance is greatly depentent on the water level. Low water levels means lots of sandbars to camp on but you have to paddle the whole way. When the water is up or in flood stage it is a fast trip with few places to camp. Here is a good website for water levels and information in general. When are you going? Might be able to help with your shuttle.

Suwannee river paddle
Just finished a paddle from Whitesprings down to the Boys Ranch on the Suwannee. Right now the water is down and there are lots of sandbars to camp on. There are also the new River Camps that are available for hot showers and screened quaters if you like. Although this was only 30 miles, it is great a great paddle with lots of limestone bluffs and beautiful scenery. We have paddled from the Swamp down and it is nice too but more level banks and not the dramatic bluffs. If you need to paddle further you can plan on going to Suwannee River State Park. We use American Canoe Adventures outfitter in Whitesprings everytime we go. Check out Had Sandhill Cranes migrating overhead all day saturday, what a sight. Good luck and enjoy.