Suwannee River and Camping

I’m doing an overnight paddling trip along the Suwannee River later this week. We’re putting in at the spirit of suwannee campground and paddling three days/2 nights. We’re taking out at Dowling Park.

The water level at white springs is around 58’ and the water level is dropping about a foot/day, but it’s suppose to rain.

My quesiton is will there be sandbars for us to camp on? We paddled it in January and there was tons of sand bars, but the water level was about 52’.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



it is what it is
maybe bring a hammock… I will be out on it next week and might bemoan my hammock is in the shed under feet of snow… I cant get to it…the snow is like concrete.

I’ll let you know…
if there are any sand bars for camping. Unfortunately, I don’t own a hammock.

I think so
We did that same paddle a few years ago and the bars that we camped on extended well up the bank. I really don’t think you will have a problem from what I saw.

that is what I’m thinking. When I was there last, it seemed like there were some pretty extensive and high sand bars.

Several from Atlanta

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just finished Paddle Florida and they should know. Thy probably have maps that you can download as well. You might check the "Paddle Florida" website because they didn't snail mail anything.

Doc Stevens
Darlene Hawksley
Bonnie Putney
Steve Cousins

Just paddled…
Cone Bridge to Goodwin, upstream from the Steven Foster State Park.

Water levels were very high, sand bars that we saw three years ago were non-existant.

Were there places you could put a tent? Yup, but fewer than usual. The Tupelo trees are in the river, not on the bank.

They are just budding out now.

Have fun,