Suwannee River Canoe trail ?

Has anyone camped in the fairly new campsites along the river ?

I am wondering how far in advance of using them we need to get reservations ? (thinking October)

Jack L

We had 4 river camps in june2012
Did our res about 2 weeks ahead and res 2 screen shelters at each camp. Camps did not fill on our trip, but it was summer.

there are so many spots on the river…you don’t have to stay at a park…I also am planning a trip in Oct.

I know that,
These are not parks that I am talking about, but designated camp sites with water and showers.

When in October will you be there?

We are racing in the Suwannee River Challenge, (52 miles -Fargo, Ga to White Springs))in Oct and then planning on a three day lilly dipping camping trip after it.

Jack L

I’m going to try camp at Big Shoals
On October 11/12 to watch the Suwannee River Race. Outsight10 your welcome to join me. We can cheer on Jack & Nancy as they pass by.