Suwannee River level ?

Does anyone know the level between Fargo, Georgia and White Springs, Forida compared with the level it was at this time last year ??




At White Springs

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its at 66.70. I think the highest it got last year was 55.?? Here is a link to all FL. rivers

bye bye beach campsites
Did it at 59 and they were gone between Rt 6 and the Music camp.

Remember Fay just left…

At Fargo its 11.06

Check this out…

Check the choice for graph w/ stats and you can see current vs mean water volume.

Neat site for those checking on Floria water levels.

Looks like it’s running deep right now. Would love to run it.


looks like a good time
to head to the okefonekee swamp. i had a trip scheduled two years ago and the water was too low. the park service canceled almost all canoes trips that season.