Swamp Hen from Millbrook Boats

Anybody ever paddle a Swamp Hen or know anything about Millbrook Boats. I stumbled accross their site but it isn’t very informative and there are no p.net reviews (that I can find) of any of the models they sell.

Builds very well built composite boats. I owned some of their boats but never the Swamp Hen. I believe that John, Millbrooks owner, paddles one when he races downriver solo. He seems to do very well but my guess is he would do well even if he paddling a log.

I have a Millbrook Wide Ride c-1
and the composite layup is very high quality. The boat was used hard by a previous owner, but sustained only superficial damage.

Regarding the Swamp Hen, make sure you want a downriver racing boat designed for maximum speed. You could use it on flatter rivers or lakes, but it is designed to go fast and straight. It is up to you to get it to turn.

Is Swamp Hen remotely comparable
to something else or is it a breed unto itself?

I’m not opposed to a hard tracker but am concerned about load capacity and secondary stability. IYO, how would it fare on gently flowing (low class 1 & under) with ~300# (me & gear) for 1-2 nites?

Or is it like my old 'Cuda, the faster you go without any load, the better it runs.

I think it would be OK, but email Kaz
at Millbrook and ask him. He is not likely to over-sell a boat.

I think you should also look at the AC/DC and Patriot. The Patriot falls in the Wildfire/ MR Guide/ Vagabond spectrum. There is no picture on the website, so you have to project downward from the lines of the AC/DC.