swap a sea kayak for a fishing

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Anyone every swap a sea kayak for a fishing kayak? I have a sea kayak (P&H Capella) that I am kicking around selling in order to get a fishing yak. My reasoning is that I have never pushed the sea kayak to do what it is designed to do. I figure that I can use the new fishing platform (something like Jackson Cuda) for both fishing and the occasional putzing around the lake or day trip. I know that I am not only sacrificing speed/maneuverability but also picking up more weight and a cumbersome package during portage/topping in favor of a more stable platform for fishing. Thoughts?

Why not rig the one you have
What would be the matter with putting a couple Scotty rod holders on it, some bungee deck rigging, and fish from the Capella?

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spare paddle and float rigged for stand
The Capella will be a great boat for trolling and getting to the fish, but if you want to stand and cast, you might rig an outrigger