sweep roll point

I made an very significant discovery in my sweep roll technique. I delayed rotating the boat (hip and knee pressure) until the paddle has swept out just a bit. Almost like just beginning a c-to-c before gradual rotation of the sweep. This vastly improved my roll and I did 20 or so on each side with not even a near failure, just effortlessly getting upright. Previously, I had started sweeping and pulling with my knee simultaneously.

Leverage good.

Yeah, I start the process with the blade
maybe 30 degrees out from the bow, and I don’t even think about hip snap and knee pressure the way I do when doing C to C. As the body and head come around, somewhat pointed at the paddle blade, the boat almost has to rotate underneath.

Sweep rolls should be slow & gentle…
…particularly if you’re using an extended paddle or a GP. Done properly, you should wind up staring at the sky with little effort. In a low volume boat, you don’t even need to snap your hips, you just gradually roll the boat under you.

looks like you have it.
That roll is effortless and as someone else noted even without some of the other niceties will work and have you breathing again soon.

not rushing it
I’ve always heard any hip snap would start from the beginning of the sweep, BUT it shouldn’t be rushed so that the full snap is done before the sweep gets half way or so. One reason your holding off on the hip snap may be helping is that it may better allow you to do a clean setup and a clean start to your sweep. As someone else implied you often don’t need to really even think about the hip snap. The very action of rotating the torso and keeping your head down activates the knee for the hip snap. I know I barely ever think about or notice my hip snap though my roll is very solid.

For a sweep roll
you shouldn’t need a hip “snap”. It’s more like doing the twist, or hitting a backhand shot in tennis, IMO.

I visualize it as I’m doing it, and I gain purchase on the surface of the water with my sweep first, and then just twist my torso as fast or slow as I like as I’m holding the surface with my paddle sweep. Timing of both changes with different boats, also.

The OP should now concentrate on slowing down their roll as much as they can, and concentrate on balance and body position throughout the roll. Once they can do it super slow in waves, it will rarely fail them when they need it.

Timing is everthing

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Rolling is very similar to swing a golf club or throwing a baseball, the proper timing of the different body parts makes all the difference. One thing you'll find is that the timing might change a little bit when rolling a different kayak. Congratulations, it's a great feeling.

C to C vs. Screw roll
Isn’t the difference that you describe the fundamental difference between the C to C and the Screw roll?

not a c-to-c
When I do the c-to-c I make an effort to apply no hip or knee at all, staying vertically down, till the paddle is out at 90 deg. Then I rotate hard, hip snap, and pull down hard on the paddle. This uses a lot of force. Don’t know if I am doing it correctly.

In the latest iteration of the sweep, I just delay the rotation a small bit, until the paddle has started in the correct direction. Then I pull slightly on the knee, with no definitive hip nap, and roll up with almost no force whatever, and, so far, completely reliably.


not a hip SNAP…it’s a SLOOOOW Sultry Salsa Hip movement…calm and very smooth…Greenland layback roll…should almost let you fall asleep while exicuting it

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There’s no real timing with a sweep roll
It’s essentially one continuous smooth movement, unlike rolls like the C-C, which have distinct parts and are timing-critical.

with any roll
I recommend moving the paddle out to 90 degrees and initiating the hip flick, leg drive simultaneously. Boat must start to come up first then brace with the paddle, and over the back deck!

out to the side and then down …with out the sweep is called a C to C

the one that incorporates the sweep going out to the side is called a sweep C to C

a Screw roll is just that, no pull down…all screw

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