Sweet Strutter Helmet--Awesome!

This somewhat goes with the post I made this morning about my new spray skirt…recently got some new gear I am really impressed with and want to share.

Bought a Sweet Strutter helmet and just got it the other day. I am super impressed…much more than I thought I would be. It is awesome. Super light, comfortable and fits snugly on my head without being tight.

I have tried many other helmets and nothing has compared. It really is like wearing a ball cap.

Again, I don’t own any stock in the company or anything like that…just was very impressed and wanted to pass along.

Bad think though is that their quantities online are rather limited right now for the carbon versions. Took me a lot of searching to find a place with one in stock.

Worth evrey penny of its price.


Competition for Sweet Strutter

Predator Lee style helmet.

Same design, 1/2 the price. I have never seen one in real life thougjh, but heard good things about Strutter and Lee. Just an alternative.

Same look – different material

The Sweet Protection helmet is carbon fiber.

The Predator is just plastic. Note: just because it’s plastic, doesn’t mean it’s a bad helmet.

Where’d ya get it, bowler1?

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"Took me a lot of searching to find a place with one in stock."

Seriously, can you wear it backwards, like a bratty bubblegum chomping kid? Or is it only made for brim forward only? You got me thinking about it.