Sweet Strutter Helmet - Good? Bad?

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Anyone own one of these popular but very expensive Sweet Strutter helmets and have comments? Any good? I want to buy one helmet to protect the walnut and look peachy. This thing well made? Fits nice? Are the colored models, like the red in the pic, fairly scuff-proof, or does paint flake and scrape? Where to get a bargain price-wise? These things go for around $180!


My Personal Opinion
they look great but suck in application. Several years ago, I decided to get a helmet with an integrated visor rather than wear the old baseball cap underneath for sun protection. I picked up a Lidd and a Shred Ready, both with integrated visors but not to the extent of the Sweet helmet. What I discovered is that when I get trashed, that visor actually provides more surface for the water forces to yank my head around. It also scoops up water big time when I roll up. The water then comes pouring down over my face and eyes and can blind me temporarily. Not big a deal unless I rolled up still in some critical spot on the river.

I am back to wearing a visorless helmet and having surf hood with visor or a supplex baseball cap with a soft visor underneath. This combo works for me because it does offer some sun protection but at the same time, when I get trashed, the visors of the surf hood and baseball cap are much flexible and give to the water forces. My head doesn’t get yanked around as much. Also when I roll up, the water pours out of the helmet (I used a solid composite by Seda now) but is directed away from my face and eyes by the surf hood or baseball cap visor.


looks great, not much coverage…

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The Strutter is easily the best looking helmet on the river but it doesn't offer you very much coverage. For playboating, it is the perfect helmet but if you are creeking or doing bigger stuff, you would want a helmet that covers more of your head. The helmet is very impact resistant and well made. I don't paddle with the Strutter although several of my friends do. You definitely pay a premium for style though.

As for the brim, there are pros and cons to this. The cons are what sing related along with the fact that underwater, the brim could potential cause more drag and pull your head around. On the other hand, if you do faceplants in shallow/rocky rivers, it may keep you from smashing your face on rocks. Of course if it's a really high impact hit to the brim (creeking faceplant), a brim may cause more force to be applied to your neck which is bad. A brim also protects your face from sun and rain which is nice. I currently paddle with a Lidds Slugger (baseball cap style) and I prefer helmets with brims but that's just a personal thing. My next helmet will probably be a Shred Ready Sherlock (two brims!).

No mellon heads
Sweets do not fit those with large, round heads. Personal experience.


I have one

I have seen some used ones for sale on boatertalk.com or npmb.com for $120.

I have the clear-coat “silver” color. Rocks are harder than any helmet. So any helmet will show scuff marks. Marks will be more noticible on a shiny helment. The finish of my helmet is textured so it hides the scars a bit. Anyway, chicks dig scars.

I can imagine that the brim causes some drag in certain situations. In my case, the water that flows out of the helmet is just that that gets entrapped in the bowl of the helmet.

It seems light and well made.

Are you planning on running white water with it?

No, njkayaker, no whitewater
Simply trying to find a replacement for my souvenir plastic BoSox catcher’s helmet that looks more “adult” and can be worn brim backwards for an ultracool look. Sort of like a new millenium Carlton Fisk.

By the way, are the straps removeable? I never had any on my BoSox plastic jobbie and I think I’d hate them tickling my collarbones if I leave them unhooked all the time.

Let me get this right, now. You’re looking at a $180 helmet because it looks cool…you don’t need it for whitewater so you figure you can wear it backwards and remove those pesky chin straps that are designed to hold it in place. BUT you want it to, as you say, “…protect the walnut.”

Do I have that accessed correctly or am I missing something here?


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I'm not sure if you are kidding or not! It certainly possible that you are looking for a helmet for kayak surfing or rolling practice or pool work.

The straps don't remove. I'd be surprized if the straps on any WW helmet did so.

By the way, you'd likely find this helmet uncomfortable worn backwards. The rear of the helmet curves under your occipital bone.

Yes. That’s right.

I’m gonna hold back here and just say that a helmet user who decides not to clip their chin strap isn’t doing much to protect their “walnut”

At least it won’t work on anything that it’s designed to protect you from…like an impact. You’ll get some UV protection but the darn thing will come off your noggin’ easier than a $5 dollar ball cap if it doesn’t have the strap clipped.

I’m afraid I can’t help you with the fashion portion of your question. When I see somebody using unecessary high dollar gear improperly I just can’t see it as “cool”. Of course in my world form follows function so what do I know…

Okay, okay. I’ll wear the strap.


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Hereby, nominated as the strangest question of the week!

Be aware that you might look like a wannabe poser with one of these (if you don't do WW)!

I already look like a wanna-be…

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..Carlton Fisk. And my plastic BoSox souvenir helmet looks to be circa 1975. I need a replacement, and badly. Plus it is stamped right inside it, "This Helmet is Not intended for head protection" (Something tells me Pudge's didn't have that stamped in his). So, I figured I'd get something with a little more walnut protection this time around.

I appreciate all the advice. The straps i can live with, I guess, because maybe I can tuck them up inside the top of the helmet when not in use, but someone mentions the inability to turn it around catcher-style... that might be a dealbreaker. How would anytone wear a mask over it without turning it around? Just doesn't make much sense, that's all.