was looking around for more back band options as the “Reggie” by IR, was not after all the right one for me. After spending about 13 hrs. with it, it just wasn’t right…to much curve and movement. Came across the Jackson WW “Sweetcheeks” seat. Just curious if anyone ever put this in there sea kayak? It sounds comfy, but would that be only if you had a WW boat? It’s a interesting concept. Also, any recommendations for backbands , i am thinking of doing the foam block thing. Again, i have the P+H Scorpio LV.

i discovered is not the right one for me(at least the retired version that i have anyway)

Loosen the backband and lower it?
I like Snapdragon’s WW backband and have retrofitted it in, let’s see…3 out of 5 sea kayaks. The other 2 already came with decent backbands.

My newest one has such a good-fitting molded glass seat with a raised rear lip that I could get away with removing the stock backband entirely. I’ve left it in place more out of laziness than anything, plus it does not interfere with any body movements.

Compared with advice given to me by a WW shop, I like backbands very low and loose. They are more like a butt band than a back band. Have you tried adjusting yours to be low-slung? It’s worth a try.

I have them in my Super Hero. I think the main benefit is they ‘go where you aren’t’ and so help hold you in place. In some cases the 150 or 200 model help lift smaller people up in their boats to provide clearance for elbows and such. They can adjust from the thickness of a normal foam pad ‘where you are’ down to nothing, or up to maybe an inch of padding, depending on how you set it up.

The only fellow I know who uses them in all his boats is thin and bony and I suspect he needs the additional conformity for comfort. I haven’t needed them in the other boats I have because the seats are well designed for me (WS) or I don’t sit in them that long (rec boats or surfing kayak).

If I had a boat I loved, except for the seat, I might try them prior to cutting fiberglass and replacing the seat with a custom foam one, as it seems so many people do.

I saw thirstyturtle’s backband

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As installed in her boat - we paddled with her this last weekend. That backband was not able to be set any lower, and came around the side of her hips with plenty of grab to annoy her from rotating. It isn't surprising that it is a retired model.

Given the configuration of boat and paddler, this may be a case where the ultimate solution for the backband is a bit of shaped foam. But she was also having some discomfort with her seat, the source of which a fellow paddler was able to suss out by adding a little under thigh support. So part of the issue is also how the seat lies under her.

Got some advice from a fellow paddler
about the sweetcheeks…maybe not the best choice for rotation in a sea kayak…i am going the cheaper route i think and going to see what i can do with foam.Thanks though. I did try the band down very low on day 2 and it was better, but i can return it, so why bother trying to make do? The foam is cheap enough to try.