Sweetwater getting close, roll call

Sweetwater is nearing, if you are going to camp there let me know roughly where and I’ll stop by and say hello. I’ll be at campsite 117 2/23-2/26.

But I could buy materials for another qajaq for that! You going for whole week? Weekend? BCU training? Greenland stuff? Whatever?

I have no camping gear, so I’d need a nearby hotel. Also heard there is no parking in the park unless you have a campsite.

Any one have firsthand info (beyond the few things on Sweetwater’s site) on hotels and parking (and launching near parking)?

Was there last year. You could stay
in St. Pete and drive in to Ft DeSoto park. There is sufficient parking on the beach because even the campers need to take a vehicle from the campground to the symposium. You do have to pay a toll every you leave the mainland - something like 50 cents or a buck, but even camping, we made quite a few trips to the mainland to buy munchies or eat at the Boathouse (which I recommend).

Have fun. Hope the weather cooperates. Last year we lost a day to a storm.

dont ask me how
but i got a campsite months ago for a small RV…

i plan to leave the yak at the beach (along with several hundred others if like past symposia) and use a small motorcycle off the back of the RV to get to the class sites…NO i didnt sign up for the Greenland stuff before the symposia, too expensive for what is offered and really the class I wanted is at the beginning and then i would have been bored until the symp. began…I’ll probably in the Big Cypress NP before the symposium begins, and then after the symposium I’m headed toward Cape Canaveral then work my way up the coast nabbing NMs and the Timcuan Preserve…