Swell Scupper 14?

I’m really interested in this SOT kayak and I may have to buy one without being able to test paddle it. Would love to hear reviews from any owners or test paddlers.

The Swell 14 is built off the venerable OK Scupper Pro design, with updated outfitting. I have two Scupper Pros that I have kept while selling off a bunch of other SINK and SOT kayaks.

At 5’3" and 145 Lbs, I find the SP plenty stable but still reasonably quick compared with other SOTs, given it’s relatively narrow beam. I can paddle easily in the 3-3.5 MPH range (which is pretty typical for most groups paddles (of non-competitive paddlers). With added thigh braces, I can edge and roll the SP quite well. At the same time, I was able to put my 6’2", @ 200 lbs, (non paddler) college roommate onto one, with camping gear, and paddled out to one of the inner Boston Harbor islands and camped out for almost a week.

While I can attest to the hull design, I can’t speak to the new features and outfitting in the Swell 14.