Swift bering sea fiberglass 1250$

IS this a good deal at 1250?


I’d check it out if it were near me.

Looks good
Definitely worth a look!

Missing data
I had a North Sea(the bigger bro of the kayak in question). Those boats were made a while ago. If its a boat from the mid 90’s the price is a lot optimistic.

Maybe just optimistic if never paddled and kept indoors.

I had one …
built in 2004. This one is newer - it has handles rather than toggles. It also has the composite hatches which save weight, but are not quite as watertight as the rubber hatches. 2014 list price for fiberglass with a rudder is $3,345, $3,645 if Kevlar. Probably cost about $2,400 when new. Probably worth a look, especially if it comes with accouterments.

Check it out

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I'd check it out as well, if I was in the market, especially if it's that new. Another sold on ebay for 1150 with no extras, so the price seems OK considering the paddle, straps, foam blocks and cockpit cover are included. If the condition is good, it's probably a winner.


EDIT - sorry, I think this kayak didn't sell. However, I still think it's a good deal - hey, maybe this one in CT is closer...

I might buy it for that.