Swift brand paddles

Although popular in my local region, it seems that Swift (mid-swift, wind-swift) carbon shaft/fiberglass bladed paddles are rarely discussed on paddling.net. Rarely recommended. No good or bad reviews-just no comments. Just curious more than anything.

I have a couple of mid-Swifts…
and like them a lot. I live in NY and I don’t see many around but they’ve been good by me. They’re light and strong and I think the carbon shaft/ fiberglass blade is a good combo. Blade can and does take a beating. I’d be a little leary of doing to a carbon blade what I do to the fiberglass blade. ----Rich

I have a Windswift
and it is the paddle I use the nost. I have a few others but frequently find myself switching out for the windswift.

I have Mid Swift
and have been very happy with it. Though now my primary paddle is a Carbon Active Tour Epic.

There have been many threads in which Swift paddles were discussed. Many people are very pleased with their Swift paddles. A search of the archive should yield much.

Wind Swift here…
I used a carbon shaft,glass blade wind Swift for the last 4 years. It has been a very good paddle for me,light,and easy on the arms for touring. I got a Greenland paddle for Christmas,and now have fallen in love with it. The Swift will be my back up paddle,since I can’t part with it.

Happy Paddling billinpa

I Have Two
I have a WindSwift in 230 Tsunami Chuck gave me, and I just bought another one in 220. They were on sale at Oak Ochard for $200