Swift Cherry Tech or Carbon Tech package

I’m planning on purchasing a new Swift canoe in Kevlar-Fusion (Keewaydin 16) and wonder how people like the carbon tech package with carbon yoke. Or, is the cherry yoke more comfortable on the shoulders and neck? I don’t plan on carrying all that far but I can imagine that the wood yoke might give a little more which seems more comfortable. Thanks.

No personal experience but…

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With only the weight of a light canoe on top I don't think either of them are going to have much, if any, give.

I've built a couple carbon/foam yokes, much lower quality than the swift ones, and they have more flex than wood. I can't tell on my shoulders though.


You should get both. You know, just because.

right. isn’t this covered in the forum


you might think about no yoke
or install Chosen Valley Yoke Pads

I have found nothing that sits on your neck comfortable over 800 metres. Yes even the sculpted ones. No necks are alike.

It fixes you in one position and you have no way to change pressure points

I prefer pads that have a little margin for sliding the boat on your shoulders and that do not hit your neck at all

Yoke pads install easily on wooden yokes.

No yoke
just a plain thwart works best in my view. Maybe add a tump line and paddles for long carrys.