Swift Cruiser 16'8 Solo Canoe???

Has anyone paddled one of these? Looks like an awesome boat. I am a fan of the Magic and this hull looks very similar in terms of its chine profile, but with a longer waterline and a bit less rocker. I imagine it would be an awesome boat. I recently saw one on top of someone’s car and was really intrigued by it. Looks like it would have the seaworthiness of the Magic but with a bit more speed and better tracking.


I found it equally attractive, and there’s a similar U.S. made product on my lake paddled seated or single knee single paddle. Another “canoe tripping” site had contributors comment on the apparent inability to paddle kneeling. I contacted Swift and it does appear that sitting is the only option. My skill and power levels prefer kneeling, especially when I need to move quickly or out of trouble or in inclement weather - double or single paddle.

Its a David Yost boat.
Top priority for DY is sea kindliness
just as it was in the Magic
That is a long ago design and DY has improved each iteration
There were no infused gunwales back in Bell days and now there is improving gunwale shape allowing a better stroke