Swift Kayak

Swift Kakay
I bought it at Collinsville and brought it to them over the winter (Nov-Dec)for a repair. Was told that someone from Swift would be in that week to pick it up. Well April came around and it was still at Collinsville. Since I wanted to use it I took it back.

Read Charlies post below
It might turn your unhappiness into a positive thing.

He works closely with the mfr… not the dealer. Seems yo u need to go higher up and interact with the maker.

Swift Kayak

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I just called the place I brought it to, Connecticut Outdoors, and was told by the owner that Swift has not returned any of his phone calls as of this moment. So what are my options? Lawn ornament?

I've also since found out that Swift and Collinsville are related so maybe they can blow me off since I took this boat to someone else?

The advice was to call Swift
It appears you have not done that yet. Any time you put a layer between you and the manufacturer things can go south.

Call Swift directly and talk to them. You may be running into an undisclosed issue with the dealer - it happens. And this is two times now that connection did not work - when Swift never picked up the boat and now when you are being told they aren’t returning calls. If it were me in your shoes, I’d have given up on messing with the dealer and called directly to find out what was going on long before now.

Confused about Collinsville
CC&K was originally founded and owned by the Swift family, and I thought still is.

I wouldn’t expect CC&K to ship a kayak all the way to Canada and back just to repair a leak in a composite fabric. I’m surprised they couldn’t do a composite repair on site or at least refer you to local experts. (They used to refer woodworking to Schuyler Thomson and maybe they still do.)

In any event, CC&K is capable of determining on behalf of Swift whether it is a warranty issue and giving you an answer. If it is covered by warranty, they should pay for it no matter who does the work or where as long as they have approved it.

I think you should continue to press all buttons, but what is it you are after now that some third party has repaired the leak? Reimbursement? Store credit? A new boat?

Swift Kayak
The boat originally went into Collinsville, which is where I had purchased it along with another Swift model. We had previously purchased a Swift canoe and a Dagger kayak there. I decided to bring it into CT Outdoors for a patch since Collinsville had not bothered to do anthing or even call me. Is it too much to ask to be able to use a boat during the CT spring/summer season?

Yes, I am now getting cranky as Swift should return calls or attempt to send a replacement part. I’ll pay for the stupid thing which is I’m sure cheaper than a new boat. I also did like this boat prior to having to empty it regularly.

Swift Kayak
Collonsville was the one who told me that it was being picked up and returned to the factory for repair. Not my idea. I just wanted the leak fixed. CT Outdoors has patched it but the crack may continue to spread as he does think this has something to do with the piece itself. I just want a boat that I don’t have to empty water out of. I’m not looking for money. Just a part or a repair. No, I don’t want to go back to Collinsville and I cannot do the repair or know what I’m talking about in regards to kayak repairs. It would be better for CT Outdoors to speak with Swift as they both know boat repair.

Swift Kayak
I am the original owner. David Yost was at Collinsville and my dog Bella, a black lab mix, even sat in a boat like it that day during their sale.

The problem is that the crack had spread up the skeg box and I am concerned that it will continue to spread upward. Last time I had 3 inches of water after just a couple of hours and hate to do that again. I really need a new box and the only place I can get it is through Swift - but they don’t call back. No, I have not tried to call them because I felt they (person doing repair and Swift rep) know what they are talking about much better than I being a paddler only.


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talk to Swift..directly..? I don't find that answer .

Some of the problem may be due to timing. Your boat is not going to get its own trailer ride. It has to fit in with existing deliveries..and I bet you wanted your boat sooner than that pickup could happen.

Sue Swift Warner is a co founder of CCK. Connecticut Outdoors does not seem to be an authorized dealer/repair agent for Swift.

I am going Charlies way from CT July 8 if that is any help. However you WILL lose the use of the kayak for a while. How long I don't know.

Swift Kayak

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No I did not want a solo trailer ride! Just a repair! Nov-April not long enough? And yes I had talked to Bill Swift during that time but he never got the boat so not much he could do.

Tch, tch, tch. Such accusations when I was only looking for help or wondering if anyone else had a problem!

Anyway - I just posted an update regarding an email with Charlie and a conversation I had with Bill Swift regarindg the boat being repaird with a new style box.

Swift Kayak
Thank you to all who volunteered suggestions, questions and even those with accusations.

Thank you especially to Charlie and also to Bill Swift, Yes Bill Swift did actually call me to discuss the kayak. My option seems to be dropping it off at Collinsville but it will be repaired with a new box and at no charge. I am going to take it out on Sat/Sun and if there is no water then I’ll drop it off at the end of August. If there is water then I’ll drop it at Collinsville by this Tuesday evening and Bill Swift will do the repair and I should have it back in 2-3 weeks. I just hate to part with it during boating season if I don’t have to but am really happy to think I’ll have a dry boat! Yeah! I actually do like this boat, we seem to get along just fine for a lot of places I go.

Thanks once again to Charlie and to Bill. I really do appreciate all your help and efforts.

Accusations of what???

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I withdraw my offer...of helping to transport the boat.

All I was looking for was clarification.

I personally would not want to touch your boat now.I hope it all works out as planned. I can understand now better why things went awry.

Just ask for a loaner - SOP with good shops.

Oh, find some sauce for that hat of yours.

Kayak transport
Ok so are you somehow related to Collinsville? Now I’m worried again. Not sure where you are coming from with not touching my boat and withdrawing your offer. I had not seen that prior to speaking with Bill Swift and would not just hand my boat over to a stranger. Anyway, thanks for the original offer I suppose even though I’m not sure what you think you understand so well now. This is my first visit to this message board and I did not know it was going to be a court room where so much was assumed without someone asking a question first. Thanks again.


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you have this love hate relationship with CCKS. First you did not want deal with them and now you are using them for dropoff. I have found their service excellent.

You can accuse me of anything honey, but you are so far off the mark. I used to live near them and as I am dropping off a dog at my kids house near them and have boat room to go north..just thought I would ask..

I think your rants are quite inappropriate. I withdrew my offer for fear of you going after me for some imagined further damage to your boat.

I used to be a customer of CCKS but no more. I merely live too far away. You can ask who I am of Charlie and Bill Swift as clearly you think I am a scam.

Happy Ending
Glad to hear your problem is going to be resolved.

2-3 weeks is a reasonable wait …
… even if your boat was being repaired locally. (I can’t speak for the November-April delay.) Surely you can find out from CC&K when the next trailer is going back to Canada and time your delivery to them the day before.

Maybe you can get a loaner with some sort of appropriate deposit.

This has been a weird thread
I hope it’s over.

OP, instead of ranting against a manufacturer, just pick up the phone and call them, for God’s sake. Not only can you call small companies like Swift, as you finally figured out you can actually talk with the president merely by asking for him. Use your head, woman, and cut out the histrionics. A few apologies are in order (by you).

We had a much bigger bone than a leaky skeg box to pick with a company based in another country for heaven’s sake. We emailed the head of the company and it got fixed above and beyond the call, in fact for a second boat as well as ours.

I do not understand why the OPer had to be basically browbeat into calling Swift directly. And I am with kayakmedic on those one - I wouldn’t haul that boat either, for the same reasons.