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My Swift Saranac Kayak, signed by David Yost, has had a skeg box which started with a leak and progressed to a crack. I’ve never put anything in this hatch because of the moisture problems. A local outfit patched it for me so that I may use it this season and advised that this was a defeat in the materials and design. It seems Swift is not interested in doing any repairs, under warranty or not, or sending replacement parts. Has anyone else had problems with Swift standing behind their products?

No experience with Swifties, but if you
can tell us the material of the boat and skeg box, it’s possible we can suggest ways of repairing the box in a more lasting way so you can squeeze the rest of your money out of the boat.

Swift Canoe and Kayak does not

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make Swifties.

What did Collinsville Canoe and Kayak say? I suspect there is more to the story.

I don't see skegs on any of their Saranacs but that is not to say they don't have them.


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If your the original owner this should be covered under warranty. My Saranac does have a skeg which is a popular option.

Have you tried calling Swift?

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or are you operating on second hand information about Swift on warranties? It would be a start to clarify who has said what to you.

We have a number of Swift kayak (and canoe) owners locally and a dealer. While there have been issues here and there with the boats - it happens to all of them - I don't recall any complaints that the company did not respond to those problems.

I guess
our questions are unanswered again.

Something is missing here
Although I’m not a fan of the Swift product, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with their customer service. It’s hard to believe they would be unresponsive to a defect like this. That would make for really bad customer relations. I think the OP should give fuller information so people don’t conclude that Swift is a shady operation. They aren’t.

Sounds like
She is not the original purchaser? Since she had it repaired by another outfitter as she did not mention bringing the boat to the Swift Dealer. I once owned a Swift that had a leaking hatch cowling, that’s when I found out how the lifetime warranty only applies to the original purchaser. Not being the original purchaser the Swift dealer did offer to repair the leak for a fee or they would give me some sealant and I could make the repair myself. I took the sealant and made the repair myself.

Good point
With most consumer goods if you have something done to it by another company it voids the warranty. That hints that the poster didn’t go to Swift first, to give them a chance to rectify the problem.

another example of post and run
Until more info is given I would be reluctant to give any advice.

Seems none was sought.

Must have
Got scared and left as we were about to blow her cover.

Looking at my new Saranac 14 it appears that the skeg opening is part of the mold with the new infused hulls which minimizes any potential leaking issues. I used to own a Saranac 14.6 and it appeared that the skeg opening had to be cut out after the hull was finished.

Swift Repairs

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Swift Canoe has historically been quite good with customer service and repairs. This is easier for them than some other companies because the boats are made on our continent. The production staff is the repair staff, and they want to do repairs; allowing them to learn and improve the product[s].

There are two ways to engage Swift help. Email Bill Swift directly at bill.swift@swiftcanoe.com or call Scott at 800. 661.1429.

Swift stands behind their products when given the opportunity to do so. I'll need an address and a phone number and will get the kayak to Swift this month. I can be contacted at charliewilson77@gmail.com

Swift Kayak Repair
I took it to Collinsville over the winter last year and they sat on it for a few months. When I called to drop it off (Nov-Dec?) I was told it would be picked up that week. Well April it was still there and I took it back so I could use it. At the time it was still a slower leak and now there are a few cracks. Had it in to someone in Watertown who has been trying to get Swift to respond either with a warrenty repair there or sending him a piece for him to repair. It was not cheap and I hate to call it trash.

Swift Kayak
It is kevlar fusion. Someone in Watertown has done a great job on patching it but I worry that there will be more cracks as time goes on. He thinks there is a defect in it and has had little success with Swift getting back to him.

Swift Kayak
The place I took it to in Watertown has made a few unsuccessful attempts at reaching Swift. Seems they don’t care. He thought it should be covered under warrenty. I just would like a boat that doesn’t leak. Too much to ask? It was not cheap so hate to call it trashed. Plus I really did like it but am beginning to think I should have waved goodbye to David Yost, Collinsville and gone to Watertown

to purchase this.

Swift Kayak
The place I took it to had tried to get in touch with Swift as he felt this was a problem that should be covered under warrenty. They are not getting back to him so he patched it so I can use it. He is not a Swift dealer so maybe that is why they are ignoring him. Collinsville sat on it so I don’t want to bring it back to them for another 3 months sit in CT for nothing. Where are you? There are not other Swift dealers around here.

Swift Kayak
Well come visit and if you want I can give you the name of the place that did the repair. I am the original owner and am unhappy with the service right now. Nice to know that you are happy. My partner also has a Swift kayak and we have a Swift Canoe so we used to look favorably on them. I even really liked the Saranac except for the leak. But then I suppose a hatch without water is too much to expect.

Swift Kayak
Yes I am the original owner. Had a nice conversation with David Yost at Collinsville during one of their spring sale days. My black lab even sat in the boat and added some “dogs like boating” attention that day. Collinsville sat on it over the winter and when it came to April and I wanted a boat they had no idea when it would go for repairs so I took it back. That is why I did not bring it back to them. At the time it was a slow leak but that has changed. Our other kayak is a Swift as is our Canoe.

Swift Kayak

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No I tried to go to Swift first, through the place I bought it but after a number of months it was spring and I thought I'd like to kayak so I took it back as the leak was not that bad at the time. Things have changed this spring though so I brought it to someone else who has patched it and tried to get in touch with Swift.
Yes, I once did really like this kayak - am the original owner - and would like to use it again. Don't really have the $$$ to call it an ornament and buy a new one. As of this today per the owner of Connecticut Outdoors he has not had a call back regarding this repairs.

Swift kayak

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Sorry for not being back online. Had a friend go into CT Hospice with a lung disease (LAM) that got the best of her and just have not had the time or energy for computers.