Swift Kayaks......quality?

Anyone out there have any feedback on Swift Kayaks? There are only a couple reviews and I’m hoping to get some more info on these boats. A local shop has a couple closeout models on sale and I’m interested in the build quality of these John Winters designed boats. Thanks in advance.

Nate Adams

swift quality
My wife owned a Caspian Sea. Construction is pretty good and uses the same basic techniques as QCC with hull and deck joined with a glue. Works pretty well. I have 2 Swift canoes and the designs are John Winters as are the kayaks and QCC boats. the canoes are wonderful to paddle and I suspect the Bering Sea or Saranac designs would be fun. Overall quality good and when I did have a problem Bill Swift had a new boat shipped down to my wife. If you are looking for state of the art quality go with a Seaward.

I have a great deal of respect for…
…John Winters. Though I haven’t encountered any of the Swift kayaks, I’m pretty sure that John wouldn’t want to get involved with any project that would result in substandard quality; in both design and construction.

That said, from what I’ve seen, I’m not entirely thrilled by these boats on the aesthetic level (I feel similarly about the QCC boats). This, of course, is just an entirely subjective personal aesthetic opinion, and the boats themselves may handle quite nicely for their intended purposes.

If you read these and other paddling forums enough, you may get tired of reading this, but it’s never mentioned enough; test paddle the boats you’re interested in, and don’t depend too much on the opinions of others to help you make up your mind. Each of us has our personal preferences, and so should you.

Good luck!


Winters design

I’m with you…I like the attitude of companies like QCC but I’m still not too thrilled about the look of Mr. Winters boats. I guess I like a more traditional look. Thanks for your comments.