Swift Kayaks

Does anyone have experience with the durability and integrity of Swift Kayaks? I am considering a Saranac 15 but a little worried about layup strength and resistance to leaking.

Lots around here
Leaks are not reported as an issue. I have had the deck lines pull out when working with someone on a self or assisted rescues (on the water) who was not good at getting their body over the boat. But I can name other manufacturers where that has happened, and it is an easy fix to get some additional glop onto the screws under the deck.

In general people who have these boats like them. More suited for a paddler who wants a kayak with decent tracking and touring capacity than someone who is going to go out to big water and start playing in rocks or doing rescues in more significant seas. But it fits that niche well, tends to be a good kayak for the moderate sized Adirondack lakes. (Of course if you want to portage, canoe is still king.)

Swift K-1s
Swift hulls are infused with an excellent VE resin. They are well made recreational hulls that should last decades. If you will be landing on rocky shores in surf you’ll need one of those sixty pound British boats.

2010 Saranac Classic
Kevlar Fusion. Solid as a rock. Of course, I don’t go around bashing rocks though.