Swift Keewaydin 16


Does anybody have experience of new Swift Keewaydin 16 canoe? How it paddles, how it handles wind and waves?


I suggest you go to myccr.com
Being mostly a Canadian site, it has more Swift paddlers.

The Kee 16 is DY’s redesign of his Bell NorthStar, one of the two best short class downriver racer based rec hulls of all time. It is safe to assume DY learned something during the 15 years difference.

How it handles compared to Northstar?
I bought Keewaydin 16 and I have paddled it both tandem and solo in calm water and also in moderatate wind.

But I haven’t paddled it yet in large waves at all. And I have never paddled Bell Northstar.

As tandem it doesn’t get affected to wind very much. It also handles small waves as tandem nicely.