Swift Osprey seat and thwart placement

I just bought a 1995 ultra lite kevlar ( hull weights 28lbs) Swift Osprey that is missing on all the wood trim. I need the measurements for the thwarts and sliding seat rails. I called Swift but they told me to buy plans ($99) from Green Valley??? Any help will be appreciated.

Try here
Lot’s of good info from builders in the forums here:


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I’d try Swift again.

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Explain your situation and if you don't get what you need, ask to speak with someone else. They really should provide you with the pertinent dimensions if they care at all about product support.

Front Thwart placement
All I need is to get the front thwart placement and the length of the front thwart.

I think there are at least two
regulars here that own Ospreys. Hopefully, one will eventually respond with the dims you need.

Front Thwart Dimensions
Sorry to hear you have been thrwarted by customer service:(

I have a 2003 Swift Osprey with ash trim.

On my canoe the front thwart is 24.5 inches in length. I never noticed till now, but it is not completely flush with the side or wall of the canoe. There is about an 1/8 inch gap on each end. I’m not sure if this was intentional or if this was sloppy workmanship.

The front of the thwart at center is 40.5 inches from the top/rear edge of the bow air chamber and 60.5 inches from the outside edge of the bow. Additionally, the deck overhangs the bow by 1/2 inch.

The back of the sliding seat rails are attached to the rear thwart.

Hope this helps.

Osprey thwarts
I’ve got a newer Osprey with the molded-in carbon/kevlar rails and I see that the thwarts are narrower than they were on my older Osprey and contoured to fit the molded rails.

But here goes:

The centerline of the front handle thwart is 14 inches back from the front of the hull. The rear handle thwart centerline is 12 inches from the rear tip of the hull.

The centerline of the front thwart is 62 1/4 inches from the front tip of the hull. The centerline of the rear thwart is 69 1/2 inches from the rear tip of the hull.

The hanging seat hangs off the rear thwart and the front mounting point is 27 1/2 inches in front of the rear mounting point.

On my boat the front thwart attachment screw holes are 22 1/2 inches apart (width) and the rear thwart attachment holes are 24 5/8 inches apart (width).

Hope this helps.