Swift Pack, or something else?

I posted on here a little while ago about never being comfortable in my Wenonah Prism solo. I got a lot of good advice about learning more skills, and just getting looser, and more comfortable in the boat.

Well, long story short, I’ve been searching the web looking at other boats, and have just about fallen in love with the Swift Pack 13-6.
I have used a kayak paddle in my Prism a few times, and really enjoyed the control and speed with the double blade. With all of my reading and research, it looks like the Pack boats would maybe be a little more stable than my Prism. I know it will be slower, but I like the trade off for more stability.

So, what others should I be looking at that are comparable to the Swift Pack 13-6?
Also, tell me if I’m off base thinking it will be more stable.
I live about a 4 hour drive to Rutabaga Canoe, and Kayak shop, so I would definitely be heading over there for a test paddle of a few models to help me make up my mind, but I just wanted to get peoples thoughts from here first.

I believe that your thinking is spot on. I also think that 13’6" boat may surprise you with its quickness and speed with the low wetted surface area and narrow waterline width. I’m about same distance as you from Rutabaga and I went to one of their demo days last year and paddled the 16’8" Cruiser but didn’t like it that much. But I would love to try the new 14.8 and 15.8 pack boats. I looked at Rutabaga’s inventory and would suggest that you try the 15’ Keewaydin pack boat and maybe the 14 too just to help you converge on the ideal boat for you. Your Prism is a very popular boat and I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding a buyer if you decide to sell it.

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A road trip like that is worthwhile. Make sure to take the gear that you normally would use on your paddle trips to be sure it fits.

You will never get a unanimous decision on the perfect boat cause there isn’t one as folks are all different.

I certainly wan’t looking for a unanimous decision, just kind of wondering if I was looking in the right direction. I’ve been trying to do a lot of research, and I think I really like the idea of pack boats compared to my Solo Prism, and the Swift boats have really caught my eye.
Just looking for real person feedback. I’ve watched just about every Youtube video that I could find on pack boats, and specifically Swift pack boats. Doesn’t seem to be a ton of info out there on the Swift boats.

There are not may You Tube videos for Swift for a reason… People involved in the canoe industry kind of have breakups and a principal at Swift now came from another mfr a few years ago and brought some ideas. What is constant that the designer David Yost ( not involved in the mess ) is the most prolific canoe designer ever and works with both companies. Swift is newer in the pack canoe business but has in its development team at least 80 years canoeing design and innovation experience. Some of the ideas came with the staff…
DY values seaworthiness and user kindliness over all. Before I ever met him I wondered just why I seemed to favor his boats ( I had no clue at the time).
I don’t think you will be disappointed in your test paddle. The cross section hull shape of almost all his boats favors secondary stability. The cross section is way different than the Prism which has that racing heritage but is less sea worthy when the waves get going. ( not to say it is not a good design)

DY is a luddite. No e mail and no computer… Yet modern thinking.

Wow. Thank you for that information. I had no idea of the back story.
It’s interesting.
I collect knives as a hobby, and for all of the makers out there, the knife world is still surprisingly small, so you see that same type of thing happening in that world too.

Thank you for that reply.