Swift Paddle...

I have a 225, Mid-Swift Yellow. that I would like to get rid of. Is there any interest and whats a reasonable price? It’s in great condition.

what ferule does it have on it?
the old-style button in hole, the new fangled blob?

old style…

I recently picked up a 220 wind swift in Portland for $100

How much are you thinking for the mid/yours?

Are you sure it’s 225? I thought the older ‘button’ line only came in even numbers (220, 230, etc.). My preference would be for 220.

I lost my Werner out of the truck
My Werner touring paddle is gone. It was in the truck last Friday, and on Saturday it was gone. It is kind of hard to imagine that it flew out of the truck without a lot of clatter, and both halves disappeared at the same time. Plus, I had my name and tel.# written on the blades, so if they were just lost, it would not have been hard for a finder to call me.

Enough whining. I need a paddle. Prefer 230, but 225 is close.

I will be in Pa this weekend (Lehigh), and again in two weeks (Raystown). I’ll send you email with my tele. Call if you think I might be the customer to buy your paddle.

Oh yes, one more thing…anybody sees a Werner 2-pc, blue shaft, white blades, with “Chip Walsh” magic markered on the blades, grab them for me, will ya?

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD