Swift Paddles by Eddyline

Has anyone ever tried or uses a Mid Swift Paddle by Eddyline? Opinions?

Like the Windswift
My favorite paddle.

Excellent paddle…
I’ve used a mid Swift for years (I prefer it over my Werner’s and Bending Branches) but DH went to a Greenland a year or so ago and he’s been pestering me to do the same. I think I’ll wind up using both.

I like my Swift paddle
and it’s my “coolest” paddle because it has the fabric inlay. But my favorite paddle by far is my Bending Branches bent shaft paddle, 210 cm.

Bought it on super sale, probably on sale because the 210 size isn’t a big seller. Wasn’t even sure if I’d like a bent shaft. But I like the bent shaft AND the shorter length. Worked out great for me.

The Swifts are nice, though.

Good paddle
A Mid-Swift was my primary paddle until I got my Epic Full Carbon Active Tour. (Though now I use a GP more than anything.)

A number of very good paddlers I’ve known use Mid-Swifts.

nice and light
could do without that ‘blob’ for a ferrule though

Used one for about an hour on a demo earlier this year. Nice, light and fairly competitively priced as I recall.

Had the chance to demo one today…
I liked it and thought the fabric inlay was really cool…but…I also tried a Werner Kalliste and reeeeally loved that one. Much lighter and smoother. I know it is usally more expensive but the deal I got made it only about $30 more so I went with the Kalliste.

Straight shaft or bent shaft Kalliste?

Went with the straight shaft felt more comfortable for me.

Like the Swift
a whole lot. It has replaced all my others for the last year and a half.