Swift trylon

Swift is no longer listing Trylon on their construction materials page. What happened?

I honestly don’t know what Trylon is,
and I’m a fairly material-oriented guy. What is it, and why would you miss it if it’s gone?

OK, from Swift’s literature.
“Trylon is a rigid, thermoformed abs plastic with thin acrylic outer cap. The plastic is formed at a much higher temperature than conventional rotationally molded polyethylene plastic. Swift Trylon kayaks oer tremendous benets to the end consumer over Polyethylene kayaks due to the high heat process and molecular structure

of the abs and acrylic plastic.”

So, its thermoformed ABS protected from sun by acrylic. Compared to poly, these boats tend to be stiffer and lighter. But they do crack easier than poly.

Maybe Swift had problems with Trylon.