Swift Ultralite vs. Expedition Kevlar

Looking at a possible replacement for my original Swift Osprey in expedition kevlar. The building process for Swift has changed to an infusion with core, however the Osprey I am looking at is an 03 in ultralite. The hull seems particularly springy with a lot of spider cracks on the gel. Not an unusual phenomenon for kevlar and gelcoat. Primary concerns are efficiency of a very floppy hull. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks, Bob

Kev lite Osprey
The sides abvoe the water line will flex a good bit, but the chines and bottom have extra layers of material so they are quite firm like a Bell or Wenonah kev lite. If you sit in the seat and jump up and down you can get the sides to flex, but that’s true all the kev light canoes from all the manufacturers. The Gel Coat spiderweb cracks are easily repaired with Penetrol or any other gel coat restorer that is available at a marina that sells fiberglass boats.

What else besides Kevlar?
I doubt that they would make a pure Kevlar boat. What else is in the layup? It would be better if they used S-glass, E-glass, or carbon for the outer layer or two. This makes for rigidity, more than can be had in an all Kevlar layup for the same weight.

We really need to stamp out the term “Kevlar boat” in favor of “boat with Kevlar reinforcement.”

My guess
is its carbon as well with some sort of core although the flex in the bottom of the hull is quite different from my expedition kevlar which is noticeably stiffer.

…Bob, is this a solo…?

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I've tried hunting up info and talking with dealers about (now) Mid-Canada Industries(which I think IS part of Swift..) efforts to produce the once Sliprock Freedom ultralight solo with their latest & stiffest..."Golden Brawn(sp?)" layup. Is this THE canoe you're talkin' about?...(Steve Killing's design). As I (think I) understood..they aren't making the solo rocket but on request/order, which just sounds GrEaT*#$^%*..ie..they haven't made 4-5 yet, not to mention 1...who wants to be the first...?

not Mid Canada
and Swift is not connected to them. This is the Swift Osprey which is a great boat. Sold my kevlar expeditio and there is a kevlar ultralite locally which seems to have minimal stiffening in the bottom thus leading to my concerns about that boat only. Overall the Osprey is a dynamite canoe.