SwiftCaspian Sea versus Q400 X

These two seem very similar, almost identical stats. I’v paddled the Swift and I liked it a lot. I haven’t seen the QCC. I paddle an Epic 18X Sport for most paddling and I want to add a 2nd kayak for more leisurely paddling in smaller lakes and rivers. Something stable and fun but not too slow. 40 lbs. max. I don’t want to go more length because then I don’t have the contrast between boats that I’m looking for. 16 or 17 ft. seems just too close to 18. These 2 seem to be a nice niche boat. Any others similar to consider? I would be very thankful for any input.

I forgot to mention
the two things I’ll change if I ever buy another Swift Bering Sea, or Caspian, is to not get the high back seat or the rudder. The high back seat is a bitch for getting in and out so I cut about 3 inches off the top of mine. I’ve not yet found a need for the rudder so I’m taking mine off to reduce the weight back to the 40 pounds original.

The Swift Saranac 14 and 14.6 are possibilities if you’re just wanting small lake boat. Plenty big enough for camping, yet small enough to be sporty. This is a David Yost design and it looks sweet and paddles very nice.

Similar size
Feathercraft Kahuna

A bit longer: Folbot Cooper

A bit shorter: Feathercraft K Light, Folbot Kiawah

yanoer owns both. Email him.

Yeah, but - 400X is 10 years new, so
a one to one comparison isn’t really valid.

My Caspian Sea was built by QCC circa 1997 and the construction is nothing like the modern 400X or Caspian Sea.

The hull designs are identical. The construction and outfitting are different between the current 400X and Caspian Sea models.

design displacement rules
your height, weight; gear load; intended use?


QCC 400X: maybe the boat for you, maybe not.