Swiftwater Rescue Classes in Texas??


I am interested in where and when I could take the SWIFTWATER FIRST RESPONDER class here in the Texas area this winter / next spring? I could travel a state away, but was interested in knowing when and if such classes were offered?

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Douglas Horchak

Allen, TX

one state over…
If you don’t find anything more local, the Arkansas Canoe Club usually has several swiftwater rescue courses throughout the year. There’s classroom work too, but it’s also hands on (as in, in the water), and so I think they may wait until warmer temps in the Spring to hold the next one. The classes fill up fast, so if you’re interested, it’s best to contact one of the instructors/coordinators and get yourself on a wait list so you get first shot at a class opening. I took one of these held at Rockport which is near Hot Springs, but last year they also held several classes on the Lower Mountain Fork, which is in the lower sw portion of the state so would be closer to you. The ACC has some incredible, knowledgeable teachers and are a great group of folks.

If you don’t find anything in Texas, inquire here: http://www.arkansascanoeclub.com/mb/. Probably nothing is scheduled yet for next year or only tentatively, but if you post, someone will contact you about possibilities.

Good luck!

here’s one

I just googled “swiftwater rescue texas”

Are you looking for a class for paddlers or for public service/rescue personnel? Many whitewater paddling schools also run rescue classes.

Don’t know where you are, but suggest
you contact the nearest canoe/kayak club. There are some good ones in Texas, particularly in the Houston, Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth area. For Houston, try the Houston Canoe Club (Hcc@houstoncanoeclub.org is the email address) very helpful people and, even if they aren’t into white water paddling (some are, some aren’t), they’ll know where to go to find out.

Texas Classes
Contact Jason Thibodeaux at texaskayakclass@hotmail.com. He will be offering courses in April and May.

In the Dallas area

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There is Kayak Instruction, Inc., which lists a swiftwater rescue course.


You might also want to wander around the Dallas Downriver Club web site for more info on other instruction.


Forgot to mention Barb Cutter, Cutter Aquatics. She gives private instruction, as well as group classes. She's in Colleyville.


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