Swifty owners

For all you Swifty owners out there…have any of you ever added deck rigging to the bow and if so, how’d it go? I don’t like the rigging behind the seat but would like rigging in front to keep my camera there (easier access). My biggest fear to adding rigging would be drilling thru the deck! Is it worth it?

Any drawbacks/suggestions/comments/photos that you have to share would be most appreciated.

(yes, I DID do a search for this very topic already)

deck rigging is easy…

using pop rivets and lash eyes (or eye pads) and hooks (available at boat stores), I added bungee on side for holding paddle or fishing rod and on top for whatever gear, water bottles, etc. I wanted to carry.

deck rigging
The hardest part is drilling the first hole.

Just like Daddy showed you, measure twice,

but then measure again. I put masking tape where

I was going to drill to keep the bit from walking.

My rigging is cool, just like I need it.

Be brave my friend.

adding deck rigging is an easy job …a kit is about 12 bucks or so…

I also added a paddle leash and some black swans

on my lil red swifty…

it really is a stout little tub…

we are still enjoying it…squat but fearless…


piece of cake
like someone said, first hole the hardest, and measure at least twice. i’ve added extra deck rigging to two manatees (same thing as swifty, perception makes 'em for l.l. bean), a dagger delta, a solo canoe and an ot loon with $20 worth of paddeyes and bungie. wish i could remember the name of the company i bought my paddeyes and bungie from, but they’re in seattle. i’m sure someone here will give you the name of this company. been 3 years since i put it on the 1st kayak, still in good shape. good luck! ww

I’ll second that
I have added it to both mt wife’s and my Keowees which is the older Swifty.

You can buy all the fittings at almost any canoe and kayak shop.



I added
paddle holder andsome drain holes in the seat bottom to my boat. After drilling the first hole its really not a big deal. Easy do do too. Would recommend using a marker or crayon to mark measured holes before drilling. Have fun.

I also added
Drain holes and plugs to the front upper bow deck, in our two.

Makes it easy to get all the water out after not wearing a skirt in class II water



deck rigging
Due to the huge cockpit, I was able to use the rear footbrace screws as the front corners of my rigging.

Go for it!
If you have any fear of it leaking, don’t worry about it. You can add rubber washers under the screws if you like, or some RTV or Aquaseal. It probably would never happen anyway being on top, and for the occasional wave that crashes over the top of the deck you won’t get more than a couple of drops anyway. I added paddle holders for both my boat and my cousins with no problem.

Gonna do it!
Thank you to everyone for your advice and support as I…gulp…prepare to drill the first hole! You’ve inspired me to face my fear!

I ordered the rigging kit from NWOC and as soon as it gets here I am measuring at least 4 times, taking 5 deep breaths and will go for it!

By the way…
If you are putting anything way up front, or way down back, make sure you don’t just look on the outside of the deck.

There is floatation there, and you could end up drilling into it, and not being able to get the nuts on the machine screws.

I came close to doing that when I installed the drain hole.

Just a “heads up”



You did a great job rigging your Swifty!

I did it!
Thank you again to everyone for your suggestions and support…I did it! I got the kit yesterday and spent about an hour putting it all together on the deck today and it turned out great! You’re right…drilling the first hole was the scariest but after the first eyelet went on I felt like I could tackle anything!


To sell or not to sell…
our swiftys (ours are actually Manatees as we got them from LLBean). We have so many kayaks, so little time, that we find ourselves not using them very much and my husband thinks that we should sell them. They were our first and I’m sentimental, I guess. They also fit in the back of the pickup with the topper on and the tailgate closed so that we can take them on nasty dirt roads without getting them full of dust. They’re fun on a windy day on a large lake or river, a good fishing boat for small lakes, a good size and stability for the grandkids, and they’re light. Any other suggestions to help my case?

Don’t sell them
We still have ours, and in between racing our QCC’s, or camping in our 17 foot plastic yaks, or surfing on our Ocean Kayak, we use them in the front yard trout stream for the grandchildren and also use them in class I-II and even some III rivers.