swim finns

Has anyone tried using swim finn for self rescue.

It would seem you could get to the rivers edge a little faster in cold water.

Larry Gray (Pittarak) says
Select the “Diving into the Deep End…” from this link: http://www.pittarak.com.au/news.html

Larry Gray (Pittarak Expedition Sea Kayaks) says “I usually carry flippers and a mask. I find flippers more useful than a life jacket.”

Interesting though I’ll still keep my PFD.

I used to carry flippers
on solo wilderness trips (in addition to a PFD). Could swim a longer distance with them. But since I got older, I get cramps with them within a few minutes. So the flippers stayed home the last couple of years…

I used to carry a pair

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of boogey board fins. I have really crappy upper body strength and used them to propel myself to a decent position on the deck for re-entry. These fins had freakish strength and would damn near launch me over the boat. The rubber on the foot straps eventually wore out. I bought them in '88 during my board days, so they were quite old, but I'll be replacing them. Use a sling now, but the fins worked really well for me. Kept them secured behind the seat so they were within easy reach from the water.

good idea
i carried fins until i gained confidence. i still think they are a great self rescue aid. if i were off on an adventure i’d take them.

swim fins
The small swim/surf fins, such as Churchills, are often used by swiftwater rescue swimmers.

Checked out
the Churchills online. Glad to see improvements since '88. My Scott power fins are a lot larger and they don’t float. Looks like most board fins now do.

Funny, the older DuckFins are still the
favorite of bodysurfers. Still have scars worn from Chuchill overuse. Tried trimming them and it worked o.k… Currently using the larger Vipers. Second keeping them in the boat if it looks hairy. HUGE difference for swimming in surf, rips, and currents.

Fins built into the top of booties
I saw these once and could never find them again.

Sounds like a good idea.

Snorkel too.
This sounds like a good idea to me. But I haven’t figure out how to rig it all. If you put it on your deck, then if the kayak blows away, they’re not helping.

Being a scuba and skin diver, I like swiming with fins. And the legs are the strongest muscle group in the body. With fins, you just kick lightly, much lighter than you would think. If you kick too hard you’ll get cramps. With fins, mask and snorkel you can swim all day. Just take a rest when ever you get tired, keep your face in the water, and breath through the snorkel. Practically sleep that way. Float for forever, don’t even need a PFD, but I’ll keep mine too.

Like to know how to rig it.