Swimming in the Hudson?Mohawk?

My wife and I paddle in several locations along the Hudson and Mohawk rivers, including at their junction. On some days, the head makes the rivers look mighty inviting for a swim. Does anyone know the safety factor of swimming in these waters? I’m thinking of toxic waste from Generous Electric, etc. I’m not talking about long swims-- just a quick cool off from time to time.

This EPA site…

– Last Updated: Jul-02-05 12:30 AM EST –

allows you to "surf" your watershed for environmental notices:


I would be more concerned with the water treatment plants discharging treated sewage from hundreds of communities along both rivers, storm runn-off of pesticides from adjacent farms, bacteria from cow waste, etc.

Contact the Hudson Valley ADK
as their members paddle that stretch of the hudson and probably the mohawk and would have the skinny on water quality.