Swimming Worm rigs

Has anyone tried the swimming worm rig for bass? I made up a few using 6" Berkley Gulp in watermelon. Picked up 2 nice size Largemouth ( a little over 3 Lbs which isn’t bad for NJ) using a slow to medium retreive.

Haven’t tried Senko yet, anybody having any luck with that method?

Worm rigg
Can you give more info on this rigg. There are a number of differant worm riggs. Is this rigg weighted, use a swivel or type of leader?

Used this method while visiting my Mom in VA. Pretty deadly for the bass. I used Senko’s and Wave Worms. Both are deadly, even caught a pickerel on that rig.

Nope, I’m still rigging mine Texas style
Got any details?

The swimming worm rig is an oldie ( like Me) It’s best fished in shallow water. A swimming worm "swims’ because it is rigged with a slight bend in it, on tandem hooks about two inches apart. you impale the head of the worm on the lead hook and run it up the hook shank. to get the bow, lift the tail end of the worm, then run the lower hook straight through the lower portion of the worm to keep the loop in place.

It’s rigged on 15-20lb. fluorocarbon,a small swivel to connect to regular line. the first hook should be about 12-15 inches from swivel and the second hook about 2 inches below first.

Rigged with a pronouned loop it creates a twirling or rolling motion that bass can’t resist.

lead shot can be added to make it run deeper or you can use it as a surface rig. I used it today on a small lake here in North Jersey, results a 4 lb. Largemouth. have photo’s to prove it.

Saltwater use?
Has anyone used Gulp worms in saltwater? Would it make any sense to use them w/ products such as Mike’s Menhadden Lunker Lotion or Smelly Jelly? I fish along the NH coast & in bays & there are times when live eels are scarce or there are too many bluefish around.

Saw a report on Texas Kayak Fisherman
website about a kayak fisherman using a Gulp product. Reported success with it. Pure fishing, the maker of Gulp sure has gotten huge…Berkley, Stren, rods, lures, line, just about all fishing needs.

Salt Water Gulp
Berkley has a whole line of Gulp products for Saltwater, I’ve used them and have had very Good results along the Jersey Shore.