Swiss Army Knife and a Skeg...

Last weekend I took my brand new Swiss Army “Trekker” along. This is the large knife that has the wood saw. I did use the wood saw and it worked OK on some small firewood, but the best use was when a QCC 600 had it’s skeg jam in the up position from pulling it up on the beach and the owner wanted something slim that would get a bite on the skeg to dislodge it and the saw blade was just the ticket.
Just FYI... GH

I’ll try that on my Tempest (that’s what I get for paddling that thing on muddy rivers.)

Bot knife
I think I’ll steal a bot knife out of the barn. The thin blade and the hook should be just the ticket.

They sound terrible… Bots

My daughter is a professional…
…farrier (horseshoer), besides being an intellectual, a gourmet cook, and a musician. I’m afraid she has to deal with a lot of icky horse things I’d rather not know about. Now I know about bots.

Just A Thought
have your friend drill a small hole about an inch from the bottom of the skeg, further away from the pivot. Attach a small cord. This can be used to pull down a stuck skeg. In the water the the short length of daggling cord does nothing. But, it allows a partner to pull stuck skeg down when on the water.


oyster knife
I carry an oyster knife. stainless, blunt, multi-purpose (I live near a town called Oysterville)

Sing’s sting idea works too, tho the knife works on ALL boats, the string EVERYONE needs to re-trofit.


I told her about the string. She said they are replacing the boat for other reasons and a redesigned skeg control system is promised with the new one.

I’ll still carry my knife though…