switching from kevlar to plastic

hi all,

I am loooking at the possibility from switching from a 18 ft kevlar kayak (daggar sitka) to a smaller, plastic kayak (16 or so) ft plastic kayak. Has anyone else made a switcj like this? how did it turn out for you? My main priority is being able to kayak with the wife happily… but I am afraid of beging ‘kayak snob’ and ‘downgrading’ from kevlar to plastic.

can anyone help me on this transition?


Why not get her a kevlar yak ?
or better yet, how hard is it for you to slow down a bit and stay with her?



Prijon Seayak or Touryak…
…are worthy of being demo’d.

plastic for play
If you really want a “slower” kayak, you might as well get something positive to make up for it. A VCP Avocet RM would have a very different personality than your current boat and make it more fun to do things other than paddling in a straight line.


WS Tempest 165 is also nice, but probably closer to what you already have.

I didn’t switch …
I just added a plastic Avocet to the small fleet. The Valley and P&H plastic (Capellas) seems to be stonger and weigh less than equivalent sized North American boats. Also, the Valley boats have welded in bulkheads, not sure about P&H. I use my Kevlar boat when I want speed and/or for longer tours, and the Avocet to play.


Would your wife be interested in
paddling the kevlar boat ?

Worrying About The Wrong Thing…

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why is it that some folks get all concerned about what others think? What do you think? What's your rationale for wanting another boat, for getting plastic? There are valid reasons for getting any boat, of any size, of any design and materials. If it makes sense to you, go ahead, do it, and enjoy the boat.

The question is not about what others think about a transition but why you want to transition to another boat. WIthout that as the framework, I don't see how you going to get any helpful suggestions that is not a "shot in the dark."

Paddle free (of those thoughts of what others may think).