switching from plastic to stainless

After a recent discussion i have decided to switch from plastic bpa free to Kleen Kanteen. But i notice a metal taste. Does anyone know if that will go away in time?


Only after you have all your mercury
fillings replaced with epoxy, at a cost of a million a replacement.

not very encouraging news

metal taste in the ones I have. I assume you washed them out with soap and water before use?

try this
Wash bottle with soap and water and then use filtered water to mix a half water half vinegar solution and let sit in bottle overnight, then rinse, baking soda solution may also work. After drinking thru plastic for so many years of our lives we aquire that taste and may just take a little time to get used to the stainless,my Guyot bottles are great (wide mouth) just a bit heavy but industructable

Exact Opposite
I have both BPA free bottles and stainless steel bottles, including one large Kleen Canteen one. I find my plastic bottles always taste a bit off (cheaper quality plastic ones taste horrible while the more expensive brand ones taste a bit chemical) while my stainless steel bottles always taste just like water.

I don’t notice any off taste from my Camelbak bag/backpack but I do with their water bottles – not bad but it is there.

I find washing them with soap leaves a bad taste in any bottle. I have switched to just using vinegar, baking soda, and really hot water to clean them after destroying a few plastic bottles with a soapy taste.

We are on well water – not sure if that makes a difference or not.

I’m older than near all of you, and
after the good old days when we drank out of any stream or lake reasonably far from MacDonalds, we have used any light, sturdy plastic container to carry drinking water, and we have no BPA (or whatever) disorders whatsoever.

This whole thing about risk of plastics is based on people being unable to use comparative statistics to assess risk.

If you’re so smart, how would you ever know if the government and industry were lying to you about the risk of plastic containers?

I often use a
used plastic soda bottle or juice bottle. So far so good.

valid point
"and we have no BPA (or whatever) disorders whatsoever"

I also remember seeing hordes of people smoking in my youth and none of them complained about smoking, maybe just the cost of tobacco.

Also nobody showed any tobacco related illnesses.

While tobacco illnesses I rather easy to observe, how easily are the BPA disorders to pinpoint?

Is metallic taste an objective . . .
. . . or subjective sensation. Without knowing that, I have no opinion on the OP’s precise question.

To deflect, I would voice the opinion that water and other beverages taste best from glass containers.

Therefore, I have two suggestions for the sensitive tongued paddler. First, you could use a glass quart screw-top Rheingold beer bottle. This gives you the option of leaving the beer in it and completely getting rid of that unpalatable drinking water.

Second, you could get one of these:


No metal taste for me either. Did you
boil yours?