Switching from SINK to SOTK

and unsure what boat(s) to test. Have loved paddling my Perception Shadow Sea Lion for the past 10 years but finally figured out that all that “one with the boat” business has been dislocating my (previously) weak sacroiliac joint. I am selling it and looking for something that leaves my knees/thighs out of the steering equation. Have tried surf kayaking with a friend’s SOT but it’s a real barge and I want to be able to continue doing some bay paddling as well - just day trips, no more overnight camping. It would kill me to have to slog along paddling what feels like a floating dock. I’m in my mid 50s and would like to try to stay significantly below the 52# 17’ of my Sea Lion. Any suggestions?

Here you go,
read this:


I’ll try to find one to try it.

This is not a barge on the water.

But the weight will kill you loading and unloading

I agree with Sissy’s recommendation.

How much do you weigh?
How Wide are your hips. If you are 160 pounds or less then an RTM Disco might be really good for you. Otherwise maybe a Hurricane Phoenix 140 might fit the bill. If not maybe you still can find a CD Kestrel 140 sit on top.

Most sit on top paddlers are anglers and their boats are so heavy with all the gear that they start out with a cart. I strongly recommend that you get a cart and never lift more than half the boat at a time.

Might try a Cobra Eliminator or Expedition. Both fun SOT’s that are anything but slow.

Bill H.

RTM Disco
I’ve been thru a lot of SOTs and the RTM Disco is a very good one for paddlers under 180#.

They are also very reasonably priced.

But they are made in France and shipped to Port of Miami in containers, so the logistics of finding one may be difficult.

I had one shipped to the west coast for $190

Maybe a Skua (nm)?

The Current Design’s Zone
may be another possible if still available. Seemed pretty quick for a SOT with decent features and fittings when I tried one a while back at ECCKF. R

Can’t Make The Disco Dance…
unless you have on the thigh straps. I love my Disco for as day boat/fishing boat (no fish - I go looking for big ferry/tanker wakes off the main channels to surf). The Disco and some of the other narrower SOTs will perform but only if you have a way to make it “one” with the paddler – thigh straps.

The OP said, “I am selling it and looking for something that leaves my knees/thighs out of the steering equation.”


Tarpon vs Phoenix
The Tarpon 140 is a very nice boat, but I wound up getting the Phoenix 140 as it’s 18lbs lighter.

Loading the new T140 is like loading
a 75 lb log.

Try a Kaskazi SOT, plenty of models, almost the same hull on all of them but different deck configurations. A very serious glass boat for under $2,000 (barely). They are kinda hard to find but in my mind by far the best SOTs available.


Kestrel 140
My wife paddles a Kestrel 140 and loves it. It’s the only boat she has ever been willing to stay in for any measurable amount of time. She had the same experience as you with her SINK. Worked out great for me as I sold her Eddyline and bought a SUP for me. I’m a big CD fan and have owned several of their boats. My wife loves how the Kestrel tracks and I must say I have been tempted to try out a Zone for myself. Blasphemy!

I am assuming you have been over to topkayaker’s forum. If you want to talk SOT that is the place to be.