Sylvan Go Trailer/Tent

There are no reviews for the Sylvan Go Trailer/Tent in We have a Yakima Trailer and haul it for day and longer trips and tent camp. It’s given us many cross-country miles to kayaking destinations and we love it. Just recently found out about the Sylvan Go Trailer (multi-purpose trailer which can haul kayaks, bikes, etc.) as well as has a self-contained Kelty tent which sleeps 4. Has anyone had experience with the Sylvan Go Trailer/Tent?

a friend
Has one. Pretty cool. Built fine, they like it, and have had it a while. No real first hand use knowledge.

Seems Nice - Very Pricey
I’ve seriously looked at this unit. Seems very nice, but the price is high. Two fellow kayak coaches each have one and seem to like them a lot. Worth a close look.