synergy 12 or tarpon 120?

After borrowing my buddy’s malibu 2 for a couple weeks, I’ve decided to get a kayak of my own. I’m looking for a single of about 12 feet and I don’t know whether to get a synergy or a tarpon 12. Any reason to get one over the other? I’m not really going to be fishing in it, just getting it for a little fun and exercise.

To put it simply
If you want it for tracking straight the Tarpon is better, the Synergy is more maneuverable.

The tarpon might be a little wetter if you’re over 200lbs, but in whitewater, the water can drain out. The Synergy has no scupper holes so bring a sponge (or pump).

Both nice boats.


I second many of the above comments having owned a Tarpon in the past. Personally, I’m partial to the Tarpon but regularly hear good things about the Synergy as well.

Have you paddled a Ocean Kayak
Prowler 13’? I just bought a new one and after 3 river trips am very impressed with it…speed, stability, and turns well. OK got this one right. Oh, and perfect balance when carrying as they got the handle centered. That said, every Tarpon kayak er loves them.

And don’t overlook the Manta Ray
by Heritage.

It’s more maneuverable than the Tarpon, and tracks pretty well. It’s a dryer ride as well and comfy. I wouldn’t trade my Manta Ray for either.


synergy 12 or 14

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If I didn't already own two OK Scupper Pros I would get two Synergys. One of the most versatile boats out there. I had a chance to paddle it in some surf and wind in Charleston back when it was top secret and it was a complete hoot to play with. I personally would love to have one or two.
hear that Brent? next sweepstakes?


no scuppers
I might add that you’ll be challenged to reach the forward or aft compartments of the Synergy to drain water out of them without swamping the boat.