Synergy 12

Very little in the way of reviews and info on these new boats. Anyone have any updated info on these? In relation to the MR12 and Tarpon 12, how do they track, maneuver, speed, seat comfort, dry ride, etc?

I have found a few things on the Synergy. Supposed to be faster, track better, and a dry ride compared to other SOT’s. If this is true, then the extra $100 may be worth it. Kinda wish it had a little more dry storage. I am going to paddle Thursday. Anyone out there have any thoughts or experiences of their own with this boat?

Synergy 12
I recently tested the Synergy 12 at a kayak demo night. I found the yak to do everything it says that it will do. I tested it on an open windy lake with about 6" to 12" waves. I am 6’1" tall and weigh about 280lbs. The only time that I got wet was when I tried sitting sidesaddle fishing and I think that could have been avoided had I been more careful. I am a newbie to kayaking and have been testing several kayaks myself lately. That night I tested the Pungo 12, Carolina 12, 15.5 with rudder, and a long narrow sea kayak I was way to big for(I dumped it!). Unfortunately the Synergy 12 was the only SOT kayak that I have tested. I liked the Synergy 12 the best out of all these for fishing even though I felt that in comparison the Pungo was a little faster than the Synergy. The Carolina 15.5 and the long narrow sea kayak were obviously not in the same class. One cool thing about the Synergy is Mad River Canoe makes a complete three piece splash cover that will cover everything in the yak including your lap for about $200. I hope this helps.


Absolutely helps!!
Thank you. I already have several SINK’s in my fleet and am looking for a SOT. I had pretty much narrowed it down to the Tarpon 12 and the Manta Ray 12 until the suggestion was made to try the Synergy out too. Trying to find someone that may have an opinion on how the Synergy compares. I have paddled the MR and Tarpon already. Am leaning MR at this point but will make the final call after test driving the Synergy.

I paddled this in Charleston last year in level 4 conditions. this boat is a hoot ot surf, stable and responsive. If I did not already have two scupper pros I would have gotten two synergys. I once heard it described as a canoe hull with a sit on top deck. I don’t know about that.

All I know is that it was fun as all get out.


This boat sounds like it has the performance I am looking for in a SOT.

Synergy canoe-ish
When the boat takes on water, what do you do? I didn’t notice any scupper holes, so it doesn’t look like it would drain out.

Sure the cockpit area can be pumped, but how about that big well in front and the one in back?

Valid Point
I thought of the same thing. I primarily paddle rivers with I’s & II’s with flat stretches in between. I spose for a little splash in the cockpit, you keep a sponge handy. For more water you pull over and dump it out. So is this worth the trouble to have a better performing boat? (if in fact the Synergy outperforms other SOT’s) Or do you sacrifice this performance for the self draining SOT’s? Decisions…decisions!!

If you notice the 8" rubber cover between the seat in the picture on MR website, the dealer I spoke with showed me that cover can be pulled and the water will drain inside the kayak. Then there is a drain plug at the back of the yak. But I don’t know if this would help if you where floating far from land. He also said that there is some kind of livewell that will fit in this opening,(8" opening) but I have never seen it.


I usually float
in relatively small rivers or on occasion lakes but stay close to shore.

Seems it would just be easier to turn boat up and dump.

didn’t try to analyze it that much. I was just having fun.

If drainage is such an issue, why not get a couple of used scupper pros?


Not familiar with
the Scupper Pro. Who makes that model? I am looking for as much performance as possible in a 12’ SOT but still able to fish from it.

Hurricane Phoenix SOT

Have you checked out Hurricane Phoenix? They are made of Trylon and come in 12,13,14 and 16’ lengths. I have a new 13’ I use for recreational purposes. I don’t fish, but you can check out kayak fishing for reviews of lots of different brands of SOT’s including the Hurricane Phoenix. My experience with my boat has been positive so far and other than a little water from my feet, it’s been a dry ride.

scupper pro
unfortunately discontinued by Ocean kayaks and it is 15 ft 9 inches. RTM bought the molds and are making a great boat that sounds exactly what you are looking for. But then again, so does the synergy.

Both the Scupper pro and RTM boats have your seat lower in the boat increasing your stability a bit and as such they can have a narrower beam and increase performance and speed. I think the synergy does too but not sure of the specs.

The phoenix lines are nice. performance akin to the tarpon and there are even some people who think the hulls are pretty much identical.

bottom line is that it is a sot and you are going to get wetter than with a sink. But it is a wet sport last time i checked.


Thanks All
Today is the day I check out the Synergy and the “new” Manta Ray.

July’07 Outside mag
There is a very short blurb on this kayak, they mentioned the 12ft and 14ft model w/ the opt. rudder.

the one downside mentioned is the possible interference of the grab handles on each side of the cockpit with one’s padding. Check that when going for a test paddle or sitting in it…


Synergy 12
So how did the comparison go? I am anxious to to hear about it. The Synergy 12 and the Manta Ray are two kayaks that I am considering. Would love to hear the report when you get the chance.