anyone as one…or paddle ones.

want to no if its true what they are saying the way its made people are hiting the side off it and scrap there hands etc…

suposely a bit harder to paddle because where the handles are etc


any info on the paddling of the synergy would be great.


I paddled one this fall. I did not have any trouble with hitting my hands, but I am a newbie to a kayak so I may not have the perfect stroke. I loved it.


I looked at the Synergy
Rather paddle and fish from my solo canoe. Lighter and more maneuverable.

hi yak canfish
what typse or model off canoe do you have…?

i still love my canoes…

last year on one trip i took one off my canoes and let my kayak to one off my buddies…and it did make me think wow…this is fun…it was a long since i fish frome my canoes like 3 years…9since i baught my big boat)(now that big boat is gone/sold) and i am in paddling mode…

canoe or kayak,there so mutch fun to fish frome.

what do you have a s a solo canoe bud…???

do you rig it a bit…?


I’ve a Wenonah Sandpiper
Its 13.5 ft and I paddle it with a kayak paddle, seems to work best with the Sandpiper. I would love to get a Wenonah Vagabond, Prism, Solo Plus, or the new Wilderness. Unfortunately, Wenonah is the only decent canoe make that’s sold in Texas these days. Would love one of the Swift or Clipper solo’s, but the don’t make it down here often. Have to buy used too…not a lot of money.

Synergy 12
I own the 12 foot Synergy and have had no problems with my hands hitting the carrying handles. I have a very high paddle angle though. I find it pretty quick and still very maneuverable, but just like any purchase…to each their own!

Good Luck-