Synthetics STINK!

I did some downhill skiing this afternoon in my Patagonia Capilene base layers. It was a warm day so I did sweat a bit but I only skied for about 4 hours. When I got done my Capilene stunk like B.O. pretty bad. I’ve noticed this before, which does not happen with cotton in this short of time.

Do your synthetics stink too??

It all stinks
This is a common problem When some synthetics get older it gets harder to get the smell out. Natural detergents and cold water washings seem to be the best preventative. Vinegar and hot water soakings are also quite effective for more resistant odors, followed by a cold water rinse of course.

nothing worse
Than a group of kayak campers after a wet paddle with all the synthetics hanging out on the line. PHEWWWWW… I very expensive alternative that does not stink even after days and days and days on the water is merino wool. I have a lot of Ice Breakers and wear them every chance I get… this stuff is amazing… but really hurts the pocket book…

not old
This shirt has only been worn 4 times. So it can’t have any built up odor yet. Kind of weird. I washed it right before I wore it today too.

Synthetics Don’t Stink
Synthetics don’t stink. Its the crap that oozes out of your body that stinks! Ha.

compared to cotton synthetics DO stink!

There’s a reason why Merino is being used more and more. IT doesn’t stink. It has microbes in it that eat stink. Check out Patagonia’s new line of Merino under layers or pieces made by Icebreaker, Ibex and Smartwool. This isn’t the old itchy wool, this stuff is soft as silk.

Cotton will kill you
Some of my favorite mountain biking clothes are made from modern wool. I know it sounds kooky, but wools have come a long way. Brands like Swobo and SmartWool make some good stuff.

Hi tech wools seem to repel water, dirt and odors pretty well. I have an old pair of Swobo black wool biking shorts that have never been laundered. I know it sounds gross, but these babies breathe well are very tough and do not stink. I just wear them into the shower every few rides.

But when it is cold and or wet, cotton is just no good.

Wow, that Was Weird
We both posted about wool at the exact same time. I like the way you think!

Ice Breaker and that ilk…
…Ice Breaker does hurt the wallet but such nice stuff, huh? All of my synthetic stuff stinks except for one very old piece of MTS that never has smelled bad. I’ve been replacing it all with wool. Ice Breaker, Ibex. Nice Stuff.

Smartwool is awesome stuff
like you i experienced the nausiating funk after 5 days on the trail with Capilene, i mean a serious funk like vomit…another 5 day hike but with SmartWool and an odor of course but not really offensive…AND know this, yes you pay more for wool but wool is a long lasting fiber so you should get your money out of it.

Never Have “Smell” Problems With
thermax. Polypro on the other hand…


Smartwool is good stuff
I got a long sleeve zipper shirt four years ago on sale and the same thing costs $90 now, stupid expensive but the capilene stuff HAS to be washed every damn time if you sweat and the tendency for it to stink to high heaven at the end of the day is a bother. They say they’ve got anti-stink additives in polypro but it’s hit and miss. I had a Patagonia silkweight shirt as a replacement for sunscreen. After a few years of exposure to Chesapeake funk it got as stinky as ever. After a few months of no exposure to Bay muck it only stinks from sweat but it’s not like it was when new.

My capilene’s don’t stink, even after
several outings sweating under paddling jacket and pants. It’s great compared to neoprene as far as stink is concerned.

I agree, wool is great, but it doesn’t dry that fast. Tried it under a dry suit, but it stayed web much longer than the synthetic stuff.

one word

Yes wool - anyone seen bamboo
I second the smartwool - don’t like the capilene, hate the neoprene. I recently bought 3 pair or goldtoe dress socks made of ‘bamboo rayon’, a renewable crop (or so they say). Feels like heavy silk, and the label said it has naturally stink-fighting ability. They’re very comfortable - anyone heard of this material? Might be good for inner layers.

Capilene conundrum
I have been buying Capilene, and also some of EMS’s synthetics.

I sweat like a pig (Disclaimer: I know, pigs lack sweatglands). But I have not had any problems with stink retention.

Could it be that different people’s sweat and body oils and bodily bacteria act differently within the material?

No science here - just conjecture.


I think so…
…but it’s just a guess

Has anyone tried washing with a product call odor begone or odor ban which is sold at sam’s clubs Used mostly on cat or dog urine odor which is enzyme based also works on mildew and other household odors