System to store kayak vertically?

Do any systems exist to allow one to store a kayak (outside) vertically? Space is at a premium and I am looking to store a kayak outside vertically against an exterior wall of my home. Any suggestions?


Sea Kayak GA
does it outside their shop. Have a look at

Boats sure look longer on end.

is it bad
Is it bad to store vertically?

Penguin Paddlers
in Redding, Ca. does it in their store too. Pretty straightforward - a support arm w/ lash point and a pad to set the stern on.

Security point:
sure it can be done, but the boat becomes a billboard that says “STEAL ME!” to passers by…

Make sure you loop a security cable around the boat that’s tied to a strong anchor…Good luck!

Attach it to a ladder
I tried it, but finally decided against it!


Put it in your living room
a great conversation piece. And how do I know this…?

I just made one
for 20 kayaks at our Condo. Just be sure you have a way to secure a heavy duty cable and lock to your boat. Ours is inside a 6 ft high chain link fence but we still need the cables for security.

Works better closer to the equator …
… than to the poles, because the increased planetary centrifugal force will lighten the gravitational pressure on the nose of the kayak.

Vertical storage?
If you are talking of only one kayak, why not horizontally, on the same wall? Deckside down on supports beneath the bulkheads, if at all possible. Just bolt the supports to the wall. Rig a sun cover from above to drape over the hull, if you can.

Oh yeah
I’ve had two fly off into space lately.